Supporting Government Agencies and Local Government Regulatory Authorities in developing countries to build Health, Safety and Environmental governance structures which help to regulate industrial activities and professional practices relating to:

  • Control of fugitive emissions to the atmosphere, water and land masses
  • Control of fire and explosions hazards
  • Prevention and Control of accidental releases of chemicals and other hazardous material to the environment
  • Protection against release of thermal and mechanical energy
  • Control of Electrical Installations Hazards
  • Emergency preparedness and response equipment
  • Personnel protection

Our goal is to support Regulatory Authorities at all levels to perform their activities in a way that will support sustainable industry and economic growth in their region, but also ensuring that:

  • The environment is well protected for future generations
  • People in their local communities are protected
  • Local employers are adopting sound HSE practices and encouraging safe behaviour at work
  • Employees are conducting their activities in a safe manner, so they can return home to their families in good shape every day

In collaboration with our partners and support network we are able to develop an HSE technical governance strategy that encompasses the following:

  • Establishing a regulatory framework based on current and future needs, covering policies, procedure, technical guidance documents which are developed in line with international standards, codes and best practices.
  • Implementing regulatory framework that provides industry advise, support resources and enforcement regimes to ensure maximum impact
  • Continuous improvement to ensure regulatory systems are adapted to changes in business environment.
  • Establishing a framework for funding regulatory activities to ensure the system is self-sustainable and imposes no burden to businesses and regulators.
  • Training support and competence development framework for regulatory and enforcement personnel

For organisations with established HSE regulatory systems, we are able to support with the follow:

  • Carry out audits to assess effectiveness of existing systems
  • Perform a gap analysis in line with current practices
  • Identify potential needs to close identified gaps
  • Refine current strategy to maximise benefits

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