Pemspring Energy Solutions is a privately owned energy service organisation operating in the oil and gas, refineries and chemicals, and power sectors. Pemspring seeks to be at the forefront of innovation in energy technologies and to provide high standard engineered solutions which we believe are the key drivers in creating value for our customers.

Our Packages:

Pump Sizing and Datasheet

– Carry out relevant Survey and Data Collection
– Perform Pump Calculations
– Prepare Pump Datasheet

Relief Valve Sizing and Specification

Our Design team will assess all relief scenarios for overpressure and underpressure then:

– Perform relief load calculations to determine the required relief valve size

– Pressure a full relief report based on RST methodology

– Generate relief valve datasheet for enquiries with vendors

– Select a suitable relief valve and provide installation drawings to ensure relief valve is is installed correctly.

Pressure Relief Validation Study

Review existing relief valve  documentation/dossier and carry out site survey to establish changes to the operating conditions of process system.

– Review existing scenarios and identify new scenarios for overpressure and underpressure

– Perform relief load calculations to establish suitability of existing relief valves

– Provide a full relief validation report along with calculations

Duration and cost of performing this activity will depend on the availability of data from site.

Our Products and Services offered:

Our Values

Transforming: Energy transformation is a gateway to life transformation, by supporting innovation in the energy transformation process, our natural energy resources could sustainably be managed in order to bring about life long human development.

Loyalty: Our helpful engineering approach ensures that we nurture a good working relationship between our employees and client’ employees. Our goal is to have a synergy that maximises opportunities for knowledge sharing and problem-solving to the benefit of both our clients and employees.

Currency:  We live in a rapidly changing environment where the volume and rate of information flow is growing exponentially. By ensuring that we employ the latest standards and practices in all activities, we are able to deliver the best value in our services.

Integrity: We strive to conduct our business diligently and in a manner that upholds our business reputation while we remain connected to the business environment. We do it right the first time by ensuring our employees adhere to our business processes.